1822 Birthplace Point Pleasant, Ohio

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Grant's birthplace in Point Pleasant, OhioBirthplace in Point Pleasant, Ohio, photo taken circa 1864.

 Bed in the Grant's 1-room cabin at Point Pleasant, Ohio.Desk in cabin at Point Pleasant, Ohio.Parlor in 1-room cabin at Point Pleasant, Ohio.

Hiram Ulysses Grant’s birthplace, Point Pleasant, Clermont County, Ohio, above. At 5:30 am April 27, 1822. Grant was born to the sounds of the Ohio river, which we can attest includes a symphony of insects, wildlife, and sounds of boats.

Ohio River in Point Pleasant near Ulysses Grant's birthplace

Ohio River in Point Pleasant near Ulysses Grant's birthplace


The cabin was built in 1817. In one room is a four-poster bed with a puffy mattress upheld by ropes that can be tightened. On the other side of the cabin is a large fireplace for cooking and warmth, and a dining table, cabinet, and other essentials.



Dr Rogers - Grant's family physician in Point Pleasant, Ohio

Dr. John Rogers delivered Ulysses at the Grant cabin in Point Pleasant. Grant was described as “a small boy” when born, but everything went normally.  Rogers was trained by his father, Dr. Levi Rogers, of Maryland, before moving to Bethel, Ohio. In the 1820s Dr John Rogers established his practice at New Richmond where he practiced for sixty years.  Rogers was also the first president of the Clermont County Anti-Slavery Society in 1836.

Ulysses’s mother, Hannah, was a bridesmaid c. 1820 to John’s wife, Julia Morris Rogers, daughter of abolitionist Senator Thomas Morris.

Jesse Grant arrived at Dr. Rogers home on horseback around midnight. Rogers had two babies to deliver that night. He saddled his horse, rode to each home, and successfully delivered each baby.  

Two young women have reported to have nursed the infant: a neighbor child, who became Mrs. Abby Clark; and Minty Obanion, a former slave who had been a housekeeper for Senator Thomas Morris, and later worked for the Lyman Beecher family.

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I asked an astrologer to do a chart for “someone” born between 5:00-6:00 AM on April 27, 1822. We didn’t disclose that the chart was of Ulysses Grant, and we gave him NO TIME to prepare… Here is that video of the Jyotish astrologers reading without knowing it was Grant. We have approval to air the video, and we’ll ask him later if we can post his name.

Astrology Reading
–He didn’t know it was Grant’s chart–

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Ulysses S. Grant: Born to Serve His Nation, 1822-1885 Commemorating The 150th Anniversary Of His Birth In Point Pleasant, Ohio. Published April 20, 1972.

Special thank you to Loretta Furhman, the most helpful and informative caretaker at the US Grant’s Birthplace. We are delighted that our car broke down to meet you! Also, special thank you to Howard C. Merckle Jr of Merckle’s Automotive!

The Clermont Freedom Trail, pdf.









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